Dragon and Berr

Dragon and Berr are Edwin and Donna Millheim respectively, a Husband-and-Wife American Pop Punk, Metal Punk, Grunge Punk, Country Punk, Rock band from Trenton, Georgia.

The band formed in 2015, they are off the wall gamers who met much earlier in 1985 in a gaming arcade. “R&B, pop, country, blues … pretty much anything playable with guitar and drums is elementally represented. The effect recalls the avant-garde punk artists of the late 70s. Had Dragon and Berr been part of that scene, they'd likely be remembered today for such albums as "Pocket Full of Switchblades and Promises."

Their unique brand of entertainment fuses Lyrical observations and an eager to throw traditional structures away attitude, often-blazing trails in startling directions. Songs turn on a dime both internally and away from one another. Still, with all that going on, it may be their punk sensibilities, which guide their hands, most. Iconoclasm is the Dragon and Berr way.

With dare to go there lyrics and breaking many so-called rules of what is and isn't music. 

Dragon and Berr are joined by Bass and Guitar Player Chris Waters as a non-Exclusive Band Member.

Chris has been in bands:

I, Misanthrope, Puke, and Moribundus Christus. 

Dragon (Edwin) and Berr (Donna) collaborate with other artists and have started producing and writing for other artists. For updates, you can follow the band on social media @dragonandberr on Facebook. Most Recently you can check them out and support them directly … check out the music of Dragon and Berr on Or you can purchase at most digital retail stores. Or stream on places like Spotify and Apple Music!