D&B have developed much more than just a signature sound, though. Albums like “She’s So Shui” is a record bringing much of what today’s new music often lacks. It overflows with visceral texture and evocative songwriting with alt-rock tracks such as “Over Share,” “In My Dark Place Again” and “This Is Not a Love Song.” When you think you’ve got them pegged, Dragon and Berr explode out of whatever box you’ve put them in with raw, real punk-rock offerings like, “You Know That Song,” then show off their flair for atmospheric tonality with songs like “Affairs of the Heart.” Still, with all that going on, it may be their punk sensibilities which guide their hands most. Iconoclasm is the Dragon and Berr way."” - – S. McCauley

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Dragon and Berr Hitting the groove.

February 2024


What they are saying on the street:

That Song "Hate Me." I like it! It's got a good beat with some smooth guitar, and the lyrics are very relevant for the current times we live in. A bit of anger that needed to be released, and it was released in a good way! Awesome!

"Liz Barnett Eveland" in Alabama. U.S.A.

What they are saying on the internet  Youtube comments about the song "Hate Me."

Love the song! Awesome video!


Cool rock groove. I dig the drum arrangement. cool song and excellent performance/production. plenty of heat. Rock on!


Hate me. Hate me my friend. Hate me. Hate me again. Love everything about this you all. Keep it UP!!


It's cool.  It's so different. The guy like, talks poetry, but he sings it at the same time. 

E:W:L Indie review show.


Offbeat, but so cool. Different. I dug it.

Every time you start to get comfortable in a song, it throws you in a different direction and I love that.

I Love the music rules being tested.

vox+guest review show #10


I like the raw Atmosphere.

Listener from youtube review chat


Regarding the cover song "Snowblind"

It was even more meaningful for me to hear a woman's voice on the song. It puts a cool spin on an inherently great song.

Rena Chicago U.S.A.

"Dragon and Berr are a very creative and unique band. They have a lot of energy and passion for their music, and they are not afraid to experiment with different genres and styles. I like how they incorporate elements of humor, drama, nostalgia, and romance  and cutting tongue in cheek wit into their songs."


The dynamic duo of rock music known as Dragon and Berr have released their latest official album, “No Time for Normal.” Their newest release has proudly been published as an independent release on their Loose Bolt record label.

Dragon and Berr featured in an Interview in the May 2023 issue of Punk Globe Magazine and sharing the cover with other artists, like Betty Blowtorch and L.A. Guns.

With 11 new Dragon and Berr songs on the latest February 1st 2024 Album, ranging from the heavy rock riffs and experimental tones on “Wish” and “Love and Snow” to the sweeter but sad piano driven sounds featured on “One More Song for the Lonely” and everything between, “No Time for Normal” continues the saga that is Dragon and Berr.

Dragon and Berr (Edwin and Donna Millheim respectively) are a husband-and-wife group that have been on a creative tidal wave that has stretched for some time.

Now on their tenth full length album ( counting  writing for and recording with other artists as guests on albums) 

 “No time for Normal”  released February 1st 2024.

 With that mix of Guitar, Bass and Drums and that off beat Dragon and Berr style. Dragon and Berr mix in some heavier stuff on this one.

They have also just released three singles from that album  "Hate Me." which is an Anti-Hate song. "One Last Ride" and "One More Song for the Lonely."

And they have released their first cover song "Snowblind."

Dragon and Berr are also on several playlists on Spotify and Apple music, and get radio play on stations peppered all over the world.

Dragon and Berr say "We are very proud to be part of the music under ground. A part of the world wide creative community that is diverse and full of surprises that just do their own thing."

Press photos

On the May 2023 issue of Punk Globe and Interviewed in the magazine.